Polina Pshenichnaya by Oleg Klimin

[bs_notification type=”info”]Model: Polina Pshenichnaya
Photography: Oleg Klimin[/bs_notification]


  1. Wow. What a beautiful girl.

  2. What a beautiful girl.

  3. Beautiful girl with nice boobs!

  4. Hey, what is up with you guys? Are you on vacation????

  5. Hey, where are you?

  6. Well, seems like this site is out of service….weird….. Are us two the only one on this planet who noticed this????!no! !no! !frown! !eek! !sad! !no!

  7. Sorry guys. I got very sick, and I won’t have any new material for a while.

  8. Get well soon. Mail me. Glad to help out….for free.

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